Don't Panic When Your Circuit Breaker Trips

Solve the problem with an electrical panel upgrade in Renton, Bellevue, Kent and Seattle, WA area

If you've been installing new fixtures, appliances and toys, your house will use more electricity. Eventually, your electrical panel won't be able to provide the power you need. Ion Electric LLC can help. We can perform an electrical panel upgrade. We can install new breakers in your existing panel.

Schedule your electric service upgrade in the Bellevue, Kent & Renton, Washington area now.

Common signs you need a panel update

There are several indicators that your electrical panel can't provide enough power.

Watch out for these signs that you need an electrical panel upgrade:

  • The breaker trips when you plug in a new device
  • Your breaker trips frequently for no apparent reason
  • Your lights flicker routinely

You should also consider an electric service upgrade when you're installing new devices. Adding an air conditioner or hot tub to your home will consume a lot of extra power. You can prepare for the demand before you run into problems.

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